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Vibrant Earth- New Zealand Plant Nursery

Vibrant Earth - New Zealand Plant Nursery

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  Vibrant Earth

We grow plants from New Zealand and all over the world. They are carefully selected and nurtured to colour your world and help you grow a beautiful garden to love. Our website will stimulate the imagination, and make it possible to style gardens that will give pleasure for lifetimes.

This website is here to give help and advice about our plants. It will let you select the best plants that we grow for your garden. Choose the style of garden you would love to have, and then see the plants that will make it a reality. The information we provide will help you decide if these plants could grow well on your site.

This site will direct you to stockists all over New Zealand that sell our plants, who you can purchase from. Only Trade customers may purchase from us directly.

We look forward to enjoying the beautiful gardens you will grow with Vibrant Earth plants.

Thank you for visiting our space.

Members of IPPS, NGINZ, Quality Growers, and the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture

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